An Explanation of Luxury Vehicles

April 18th, 2023 by


We view cars solely as a way of transportation, so it’s understandable to wonder, “What is so special about a luxury car?” However, several key differences make luxury vehicles top-class. 

Luxurious Feel, Every Drive

Luxury vehicle brands make the time to meticulously craft their cars so that every drive should feel gratifying, comfortable, and elegant.


A Midnight Black INFINITI Q60 at the McGavock INFINITI Dealership in Lubbock.

The QX60 has 23 miles per gallon and features like an easily accessible driver’s console, Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, and the ProPilot assist feature, making the driving experience superior.

From the power of INFINITI’s QX80 down to the massaging capabilities of the QX60’s passenger and driver seats, nothing in the creation process of these vehicles goes unthought of. Everything in luxury cars is made with a purpose, and their design relays a message: comfort and precision are key. 

Cutting-Edge Technology 

Extra features are the primary reason luxury vehicles are distinguishable from standard vehicles. INFINITI’s in-touch assistant and in-cabin Wi-Fi allow you to make reservations from the car. Additionally, safety features in luxury vehicles make driving a breeze. INFINITI’s QX55 has Head-Up Display or Forward Collision Monitors that keep your driving sharp. Some vehicles have high-speed stability, and an automatic braking system makes drivers feel secure. With longevity and outstanding performance, luxury is an undeniable choice. 

Exceptional Service 

When you buy luxury, you can guarantee that you’ll receive top service from highly trained professionals who can provide services such as oil changes, tire rotations, efficient diagnostics, and more. You can also find excellent service specials and genuine OEM parts for your vehicle to keep it running smoothly at a reasonable price.

Finding a luxury vehicle is similar to finding a standard vehicle. You will want to test drive so you can explore all the safety features, storage space, and the mileage. Visit us in person to test drive a vehicle today or visit us online at to discover all our available vehicles!

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