How to Prepare Your Car for Holiday Travels

November 15th, 2023 by

Vehicle preparation is essential for a safe and stress-free road trip, especially during the holidays. INFINITI vehicles are known for their luxurious features and advanced safety technologies, but it’s still important to prepare your vehicle before you hit the road.

Book a Maintenance Appointment

Vehicle maintenance is the most important task before leaving for the holidays. Before your trip, schedule an appointment with INFINITI of Lubbock’s service department for an oil change, and a multi-point inspection that includes a thorough look at your tires. This will help ensure your vehicle is in top condition before you travel.

Pack The Essentials

When packing for your trip, don’t forget to pack for your vehicle. It can be stressful getting everyone ready for a long holiday trip, but never forget to have an emergency kit ready to keep you on the road. Items like jumper cables and air pumps can be helpful and take a minimal amount of space, so remember to bring them along! To ensure extra preparedness, we recommend bringing:

  • A Car jack – Make sure your vehicle has all of the tools necessary.
  • Tire pressure reader
  • Air Pump
  • Socket Set
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight

Don’t forget to pack based on weather conditions, too! If you plan to visit colder climates, bring an ice scraper, blankets, and a portable shovel to help you in snowy conditions. 

Drive Defensively

Your safety is a priority. Defensive driving tips like maintaining distance between vehicles and avoiding blind spots can give you an advantage while on the road. INFINITI vehicles like the QX60 have plenty of safety features like ProPilot Assist to create more ease on the road.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Taking breaks every two hours will help you stay alert and avoid driver fatigue. Stop at your nearest gas station if you experience trouble focusing or humming in your ears.

Holiday trips are a great way to relax and escape the everyday routine. They can also be fun, whether traveling with family, friends, or alone. But it’s essential to be prepared before you go, especially if you’re driving. Following the tips above can help ensure your holiday trip is safe and enjoyable.

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