New INFINITI The All New 2022 QX60 for Sale in Lubbock, TX

August 29th, 2022 by
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If you’re in search of a new vehicle, INFINITI’s QX60 will give you the luxury and comfort you deserve. Listed below are a few of the features that this elegant and agile vehicle has to offer. 

2022 INFINITI QX60 Features:


The QX60 is reputable for its comfort and control. With seats with zero-gravity design, thumb grips, and paddle shifters, INFINITI’s QX60 will have you driving with poise and composure.   

Another great feature the QX60 offers is the Intelligent-Key, which remembers your preferred cabin temperature up to mirror and seat positions. Owners of the QX60 have the option of linking their smartphone to their vehicle, allowing them to connect further with Apple Carplay and maps. If you’re constantly traveling, INFINITI InTouchkeeps you connected with a Wi-Fi hotspot, giving you a space of productivity and fun on the go.



Sleek and luxurious, the QX60 is crafted for the appeal of every passenger. Car designers understand that every detail matters, so they take time to ensure that drivers feel bold yet comfortable. Every detail is hand-selected and carefully integrated with technology so that driving is made luxurious and elegant. INFINITI’s QX60 has brushed aluminum and matte black carbon fiber trim on the interior, tight stitching on the seating, and athleticism exudes confidence. 



Besides style, the QX60 is safe. It has features like Dynamic Digital Suspension, which makes navigating roads easier by adjusting corners and rough roads. Other features like Direct Adaptive Steering and Available Intelligent AWD not only keep drivers on the road but adjusts to their specific driving style. Drivers no longer have to sweat it at the gas pump; this vehicle is excellent on gas: 28mpg.


Overall the QX60 makes driving comfortable. Ambitious, thrilling, and luxurious, the QX60 has style and performance that will leave drivers satisfied for years to come. Go further with the daring new QX60 today.


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