New INFINITI INFINITI Head Up Display for Sale in Lubbock, TX

August 15th, 2023 by
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INFINITI vehicles are built with several luxury safety features to keep drivers alert while providing an all-immersive driving experience. Head Up Display is one of INFINITI’s top features that keeps drivers distraction-free and all passengers safe. 

What is it?

INFINITI’s Head Up Display is a safety and information display on drivers’ windshields so drivers can check vehicle information with minimal distractions. Its transparent design was made so it doesn’t block the driver’s field of vision while providing notable information. 

With Head Up Display, INFINITI vehicles can scan the road for any signage to display the speed limit. At the click of a button, drivers can show driving aids like vehicle and engine speed, navigation, and turn signals. 

How it works

Head Up Display is easy to use after setup. Click the button left of the steering wheel, and Head Up Display will be enabled. Drivers can click the button again to disable the feature. To adjust brightness, display height, and information like driving aids and navigation, check your settings through your car’s monitor.

Head Up Display is a feature that many people enjoy.  Visit McGavock to check it out, or call us at (806) 601-0219 to learn more so you can elevate your driving experience.

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