INFINITI Premium Care

May 6th, 2023 by

INFINITI takes the extra step to ensure INFINITI owners can genuinely live in luxury with INFINITI Premium Care. INFINITI Premium Care gives new and returning customers up to 3 years of complimentary service after purchasing one of INFINITI’s latest models. Enhance your drive by starting with INFINITI Premium Care today!

Exceptional Oil and Brake Fluid Changes

Oil changes start to add up, but with INFINITI Premium Care, you can minimize the money you spend while receiving top-quality service. Our service professionals take extra care to prepare your car for every oil and filter change. The quality goes beyond just service at McGavock INFINITI. Our service team utilizes OEM-approved oil to prolong your vehicle’s life span.

INFINITI Premium Care also comes with brake fluid changes. Over time, your brake fluid absorbs moisture, which is why it’s important to service your brake fluid every 2 years or 30,000 miles. Our service technicians will test and flush your brake fluid so your brakes continue to work. Visit us for your next oil and brake change, and we’ll accommodate your vehicle’s needs!

Complimentary Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are a complimentary service with INFINITI Premium Care. They can extend your tires’ durability by preventing cupping and feathering, so your time on the road is smooth. The safety of our customers is crucial, so our team will not only spin your tires but also check them for any damage.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Prioritize changing your air filter so you can avoid foul odors or dust in your vehicle. With INFINITI Premium Care, your cabin air filter can be replaced without any extra cost. That way, every drive has a luxurious feel.

INFINITI Premium Care has many services available to you! Experience first-class vehicle care with INFINITI Premium Care. To learn more about which vehicles qualify or the available services, give us a call today at (806) 224-2938

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