INFINITI Safety Features

July 15th, 2023 by

INFINITI is reputable for its luxurious style, prestige, and intuitive safety technology. Each feature in an INFINITI vehicle is not made solely for luxury but for safety. It’s why INFINITI’s vehicles were made with an umbrella of safety features that give drivers a sense of security, luxury, and control. 

Intelligent Cruise Control

INFINITI’s Intelligent Cruise Control takes your standard cruise control to the next level. Depending on your vehicle model, your car will be equipped with technology that allows your vehicle to slow down and maintain the speed of traffic. When traffic clears, your vehicle will restart at your set cruising speed. 

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Safe driving was never definite until INFINITI. INFINITI’s QX50 is equipped with Predictive Forward Collision Warning. This system looks beyond the driver’s field of vision to warn drivers of any risks by sensing the velocity and speed of up to two vehicles ahead. 

Traffic Sign Recognition

Have an immersive driving experience with INFINITI. INFINITI’s Traffic Sign Recognition keeps track of the posted speed limit and displays it on your dashboard so you can stay consistently aware of changing speeds, do not enter signs, and stop signs. 

Around View Monitor 

Drive safe with the Q60’s Around View Monitor. Around View Monitor gives drivers a real-time 360 birdseye view of the areas surrounding and above their vehicle effortlessly through a split screen. That way, leaving and parking are safe and easy. Around View Monitor can also alert drivers to moving objects so that you can prevent possible accidents. 

Blind Spot Intervention

Blind Spot Intervention uses radar monitoring to keep you from leaving your lane when other vehicles are in your blind spot. Your INFINITI will alert you when other vehicles are approaching behind you and uses automatic braking if you move toward the other car. 

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