Must-Have Features for Your Next Vehicle for Sale in Lubbock, TX

October 1st, 2023 by
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Car makers are now producing vehicles with interactive and adaptive features, but INFINITI takes technology to the next level, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for drivers and passengers. If you’re looking for a vehicle, we understand researching can be time-consuming. Here are some of our favorite technological features INFINITI offers:

Intelligent Cruise Control

INFINITI’s Intelligent Cruise Control adapts to traffic conditions by slowing with the vehicles before you, then readjusting your speed after traffic clears. This feature is perfect for long commutes and reduces the fuel your car uses. 

360 Camera

Stay aware of your surroundings with INFINITI’s 360 camera. INFINITI’s Around View Monitor displays nearby objects and alerts you when you’re too close. Whether you’re commuting home or driving across the country, this feature is one of our top picks because it adds optimum security to every drive. 

Multiple Cabin Climate Systems

Choosing a comfortable temperature is essential for a comfortable drive. Luckily, INFINITI vehicles have multiple cabin climate systems to keep all passengers comfortable. We love this feature because it accommodates varying levels of comfort.


INFINITI’s QX60 has a built-in hotspot, so your passengers can stay connected to the internet wherever you travel. Hotspots are perfect for road trips, work 

An INFINITI QX80 at the McGavock INFINITI of Lubbockcommutes, and family vacations, so passengers can stream movies, play games, and work on the go.

Keyless Entry

Sometimes, you need to be on the go as fast as possible. Keyless entry allows you to access your vehicle without digging in your bag for your keys, which is especially helpful when you’re carrying in groceries, late for a meeting, or trying to beat the rain.

INFINITI improves the driving experience with its technology. While we listed some of our favorite features, INFINITI has many more features for drivers to explore. View our inventory to see all INFINITI has to offer. 

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