Our Top INFINITI Picks 2023

July 1st, 2023 by

INFINITI vehicles are made for luxury. This year’s lineup boasts various impressive and distinctive features that allow drivers to find luxurious experiences that can only be found in an INFINITI vehicle. 


With 280 lb-ft torque, INFINITI’s 2023 Q50 optimizes power and efficiency. Additionally, its features were made to prioritize a luxurious and safe experience during every ride. The Q50’s Predictive Forward Collision alerts you when vehicles ahead of

The steering wheel of a 2023 INFINITI vehicle

The steering wheel of a 2023 INFINITI vehicle

you are braking, and its Intelligent Cruise Control keeps you with the flow of traffic for a dynamic and effortless driving experience. Rest assured, with the Q50, your time on the road will be more luxurious than ever. 


With INFINITI’s Q60, the power is truly in your hands. Its Sport Steering Wheel has wheel-mounted paddle shifters and thumb buttons so you can ease into driving. 

The Q60 is packed with features that give drivers both power and precision so they can have the utmost control during every drive. Its 400 HP creates a dynamic ride while maintaining a sense of repose during your drive. Modern and clever, the Q60s’ zero-lift aerodynamic design gives it stability at high speeds, so your vehicle can surmount any curves and wind gusts that come your way. 


The QX80’s Hydraulic Body Motion Control system and All-Mode 4WD give drivers an all-around smooth ride. No matter the terrain, the QX80 can take you where you need to go. The QX80’s 4WD adapts to weather and rough roads, and its top-notch technology elevates the driving experience even further. Intelligent Cruise Control adjusts the car’s speed and distance between vehicles for a safe and effortless drive. With its Around View Monitor, the 2023 QX80 offers protection at every angle in parking lots or near busy crossroads. The QX80 will alert you to any nearby objects or obstacles from all angles. 

Driving has never been more inventive and lavish until now. Shop for your next INFINITI vehicle today by visiting infinitioflubbock.com, or contacting us at (806) 601-0219


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